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  1. Ah, always a struggle. Good luck~

    I need to get into Steven Universe, as everyone raves about it. I saw a couple of episodes on and off, I did like what I saw.
  2. Hey Meta thanks for the the birthday wishes. I spent it catching up on Steven Universe episodes.

    I've been pretty busy job hunting, so I don't know what my schedule is going to be like though :P
  3. What is this, you make a few posts, show up, and don't even say hey???

    I kid, Marimo. Happy birthday!
  4. It certainly suits you all, hehehe.
  5. lol. Sai's amazing as an artist isn't she? we were googling pink bunny things, and one thing led to another. Now we've formed a holy trinity of cute hats. :3
  6. Just noticed you/Sai/Hiroy all have avatars from the same artist. That's awesome.
  7. I'll stop when you stop being cool. ;D

    I like how Naruto's all about fighting against 'destiny' and then all the Uchihas are somehow magically destined to be grade A douchebags. no wonder Itachi had those bizarre lines on his face. probably got tired of all the BS. or he just draws them on with mascara markers. I know everyone likes to rag on the Bount arc, but I honestly thought at the time that it was one of the better filler arcs. I also really love the little 'golden' segments where Byakuya kept getting trolled by Yachiru. I live for the bonus scenes.
  8. oh stop it. *blush*

    Oh, you've reached the Obito reveal? He'll definitely get on your nerves the more you read, why must every Uchiha be a brooding douche? As for Bleach, I'll take things like the Bount arc and even the Reigai-clone filler over this glacial-paced war.
  9. it's probably cuz when I think people are cool, I assume they must be older.

    You speak truly. I'm current with the naruto chapters. It doesn't surprise me since the Obito=Tobi theory has been around for YEARS. I did buy into it and then decide that as potentially interesting as it seemed, it was 'impossible.' I think part of me was hoping something as silly as "they must be the same person because their hair is the same" would not wind up being actual evidence. Kishi: 'what a great story arc I wrote! time to completely retcon/make everyone's death devoid of meaning by bringing them back from the dead! INGENIOUS' You can't go wrong with Squad 11. except apparently you can, when you're as big a fuckup as Kubo. good times. Bleach has apparently reached a point where fillers and the Bleach musicals are currently better than the actual series. same goes for Naruto.

    I know the feeling. I'm under pressure cuz I calculated that I need all As until I graduate. @_@
  10. Really? I feel the same way, that everyone's older than me.

    Kakashi gets....some cool moments I guess, but you're not gonna like how he's tied to the big bad of it all. Also yes, there is a Kenpachi/Yachiru/Unohana connection, but that's another can of worms. I can't speak for you per se, but I was a giant Kenpachi fan back in the day. Then Kubo fucked up and seriously messed him up as the Hueco Mundo and Fullbring arcs went by.....and then this one thing happened and.....ugh, I can't look him in the same way.

    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it all, at times (school, that is). And I've had a midterm on my birthday too. :I
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