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  1. Yeah, you live in an even hotter part of the United States than I do. I'm surprised people in the old days survived the heat without A/Cs or fans.
  2. I can't imagine this time of the year just now getting AC installed. Now at that time of year heat gets above 100 degrees every day and I would be dead without it, but that's living in the South for you. I've seen window systems from time to time down here, but usually seems to be for very small offices or a supplement for a specific room for a building that still has AC but there are rooms that don't cool as easily.
  3. In other news, I finally got my A/C installed in the window. The heat was really getting to me, and now it feels so much better. I bought the A/C and had to wait for maintenance to install it in the window; as I have no way of actually being able to do it properly. I'm thankful that the landlords actually got me help in installing this thing. I have not the standard window, so it was not the ones where you just put the window down, and boom air conditioning. The windows go to the side, so I had to get the more expensive version that cost me over $450. The thing weighs around 90 pounds.
  4. Speaking of volunteering, I will be helping with the Biden campaign. I was supposed to help with phone banks on Tuesday, but my mental instability that day was poor, so I asked the lady running it to switch it. I'm thankful she was nice about it, so I be doing it on Wednesday. I'm glad they are doing it remotely, as it's hard enough to leave the house as it is because of mental issues.
  5. Yeah. Well, I think the problem is the group of people that really think the Coronavirus is a hoax. Like come on, if one thinks rationally, they will know the more people know "a secret", there will be more chance it will get out. I really dislike conspiracy theories. Hell, on Facebook, I noticed one person replied to one of my friend's post saying it's a hoax. I commented "The coronavirus is real, man." First time finding a person that believes that. I also talk to and have a lot of friends from other parts of the world, and they are even "shaking their heads at America." Honestly, I should start trying to volunteer like what I wanted to do a few months ago, probably will give me good experience, as well as feeling like I'm actually helping too.
  6. I understand not wanting to go with the restrictions, because even very antisocial people want to have the freedom to go and do what they want. Unfortunately with this pandemic, it needs a level of restriction and compliance that as a country America is mostly not inclined to go with. Especially after having a month of moderate lockdown then slowly reopening, many will refuse to return back to lockdown. It's a downside of the constant enforcement of being a country of freedom. Thankfully you realized both for yourself and others it's a necessary sacrifice for the short term. Unfortunately, there are a large enough group of people who feel this goes against what the country stands for they refuse to listen.
  7. But eventually, I started to realize I want to live; if I get the virus, I will most likely be hospitalized due to being at a higher risk than the average person which would mean I lose precious time I could be using for something else. So, I decided for mask usage to get something I'm comfortable with and look cool with it, as I got this bandanna thing that goes over my head. (The thing that was hard to breath was a construction mask, before I switched to my scarf.)I like it a lot, and been trying to keep it on even when I walk outside. (Inside places and buses I always wore some type of face covering in the past as I didn't want to get kicked out.) So, yeah. For me honestly it was hard because I'm not good with drastic changes like this or the fact that my mental illnesses was basically controlling me. Hope this made sense.
  8. Speaking of the pandemic, some my viewpoints about it changed over time. In the beginning I didn't care about getting the virus because I was negative and didn't care about myself. I was also mad about the shutdown that happened, annoyed about the whole mask thing, etc. This was most likely due to a change that I was not expecting to happen. But over time, I started to accept the shutdown, and with the mask thing, I had trouble breathing, plus the whole point of feeling weak. Was the issues I had with.
  9. Yeah. I'm usually fine if someone has another opinion, but if it relates to them not liking me and talking behind my back, that's something I'm not cool with at all.As for meet-ups, I think if you want to make more friends, maybe have a local online group till things get safer for you is what I recommend. I know for me webcam stuff really helps a lot as it feels like the person is there, even though they are someplace else. So, if you can find something like that, then you can make plans to chill with others when hopefully things get better. (I'm lucky in my county, we are pretty good compared to some other places.)
  10. Sorry to hear all of that. It sucks to think of a person being good then finding out how they really think. Lately on Facebook been seeing a lot of people I knew growing up of various ages posting theit thoughts on current events and while I knew they had some backwards views, seeing their posts have put them in a whole new light. Glad you are making new friends, wish I could say the same but with this Pandemic my goal of going to meetups more to make new friends is going to be on hold for a while, probably until sometime next year at this point.
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