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  1. Ah, nothing special. I am just eager to get a review.
  2. Not this time, Sea. Its hard for me to do when working. I told Kenny when I turned in the last batch that it would be a while before I could do another--that was before you entered, dear. I'm sure they'll find someone good though. Is there any special reason you ask?
  3. Are you by any chance going to review the next bi-weekly competition, mom?
  4. No thanks necessary, Sea. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Do not ever forget that.
  5. Thanks you, mom. :love:
    I will translate the lyrics after I finish Ashina's chapter 1. :)
  7. Sea, my son , that was lovely! I saw it the day you posted it, and wanted to take the time to really listen and enjoy before answering. Is there a translated version of the lyrics anywhere? I can try goodle translate, but thought I'd ask. It was so sweet of you to share this with me! Was it for my one year anniversary, or just for the heck of it? I haven't posted much lately because work keeps me so busy, so it's nice to be remembered.

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