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  1. No problems on forgetting, it happens. My first time through I felt the same way, where there could've been a lot more done gameplay wise. The main thing would be playing around more with the idea of changing what memory you are in, perhaps adding some complexity with what you have to do instead of just clicking everything in one memory then moving on. That said, whenever I replay it I find myself enjoying the simple interaction and just going along with the story. Perhaps whenever they get around to their next game in the series they can improve on the gameplay aspect a little more.

    Also, not sure if you were aware, but there are two side stories that came with the game. If you right click the game on your steam library it will show two minisodes you can play. I think combined you'll get an hour out of it. It focuses more on the scientists you played as.
  2. oh crap, sorry, completely forgot about your message! I did play To The Moon when you suggested it, beat it on stream in about two sittings. Story was ok in the end and I kept thinking about it afterwards (mostly to deduce if there were more interesting implications), but I definitely wish the gameplay had been more connected to the story overall.
  3. Speaking of which, did you ever get around playing To The Moon? I forgot I suggested that one to you last year when you were looking for some short games. It may lack in actual game play, but I loved the story so was wondering what your thoughts were on it if you played it.
  4. No worries! There's always value in expressing opinions about these things since otherwise everyone is limited to their own experience with a game.
  5. Just wanted to thank you for that reply for my post about the Pokémon stuff, as weird as that may sound. Until you pointed it out I never really thought how individual aspects (such as the four move slots) are planned out, and that changing said mechanics can completely overhaul what the game is trying to accomplish. I'm not as informed about inner workings of game mechanics, so it's something I should try to think about a bit more often when trying to understand a game as a whole.
  6. Oooo, maybe I'll try that one this week then ^^
    Thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Not sure if you got To The Moon yet, but it is currently dirt cheap on steam right now (85% off).
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