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  1. I do want to apologize again, if it matters any. Usually I'm not so callous when it comes to these matters.
  2. To answer your other post - really touched you were at least considering lending it to me, lol, but I could never ask that! Plus it's super rare, and with my horrible luck.....=3

    I don't like to emulate because I prefer having physical, official versions of games, and I'm not really computer savvy to work one (plus malware scares me). I know Dolphin is the program of choice to use PoR, but that's more taxing on a computer than GBA emulation ^^;

    Maybe one day I'll say "screw it" and do it.
  3. Think nothing of it! You were merely giving me cautious advice, to prevent me from just going along thinking everything would be hunky dory. I still am unsure if teaching is even an option for me, and if it was, it's certainly not the "easy" way. Thank you for setting the record straight. No dreams lost on this guy. ^^

    (I'm surprised Calil of all people got to have some fun towards the end. Also, RIP Mordecai lol)
  4. Yo meta, just wanted to clarify that me expanding on teaching in the thread wasn't an aim at proving you wrong or breaking your dreams of anything, even though a lot of people seem to be interpreting it that way. I just merely dislike when people sell information as accurate that could affect the life choices of others without really informing the full reality, and I would hate for you to get into a field and have bad experiences after just leaving a job due to... well, bad experiences.

    I see a lot of people are stating that you sparked the conflict, but rest assured that's not the case. Conflict just happens when I disagree with MK, for some reason. Not at all your fault nor does it have to do with you ^^

    (and yea, the PoR playthrough was really eye-opening for me since I wasn't aware you could become such a beast through strategic use of BEXP. My only sadness is that they never recruited the likes of Ilyana or Nephenee, but oh well, speedruns)
  5. Thanks for bringing up the AGDQ of Path of Radiance. I saw most of the Sacred Stones one, so this round caught my eye. And holy crap, those two hours were some of the best I spent. I heard BEXP is very good that you shouldn't not use it, and that Marcia is really really good, but putting them together really makes a giant powerhouse. (thought it'd be more Titania soloing, but Marcia did like 85% of the work).

    It makes me want to get PoR even more now, I wished I didn't skip out on the Tellius era. 0_0
  6. I know it has its share of controversy and whatnot, but I find myself very very hyped to get it. Nohr first of course. Hopefully you'll join the lot of us ;)

    Sacred Stones has some pretty great characters:
    -Keimi and Colm (love their dynamic, I use the former all the time)
    -Lute (she believes she is the best, like no one ever was~)
    -L'Arachel (do I need a reason? Have you SEEN her supports and entrance scenes?
    -Seth (boss paladin that is actually a good prepromote, very loyal to Eirika)

    I'm about to post some stats for my runs for FE7, if you're interested.
  7. Hiya meta! I'm actually very ambivalent when it comes to the new fire emblem based on what I hear about it from someone at work who has it, so as a whole I'm just trying not to go too much into it.
    You playing FE games on the other hand sounds pretty interesting and awesome. Though I still probably won't make the time to go around the thread much. You know, it's been so long since I play sacred stones. Main thing I remember is that Joshua is to me probably the best swordmaster ever. There's also some minor, forgettable characters that I did enjoy, like Colm, Neimi and Lute.
  8. I'm surprised you've been absent from the Fire Emblem thread. Nothing on the new stuff for Fates? (well spoilers) Or rather, my crazy experiences playing through Blazing Sword again, even started Sacred Stones too.
  9. So gonna do that for mine.
  10. For this one, when I was in the gear screen I posted the screenshot to miiverse, then went to miiverse on my computer and saved the image so I could manipulate it
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