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  1. The comment wasn't meant for you; but to highlight how some members in the spoiler section were stating the manga wasn't serious enough due to the new bounty figures. Though this kind of dry humor is easy to miss or mistake. So basically just paraphrasing these peeps...
  2. The reason listed in said RP:
    wanted dead or alive for defeating pirates Kappa and Nathaniel Dead Weight, killing a commadore, various acts of piracy, obstructing an Admiral, attempted murder of the Schichibukai Alexandria, destruction of 6 navy military bases, being a known accomplice of the Whitebeard Pirates, openly opposing the will of the world government, being the main conspirator in the mass break out of 250 prisoners from Impel Down and being captain of the Phoenix Pirates
  3. Did you mean my avatar? The bounty is from a One Piece RP I used to host. Idk how it means you can't take me seriously though lol

    I made sure bounties has good reasons in that RP...
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