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  1. *pokes* I hope life has been treating you well! :3
  2. Hi there! How's life been treating you recently? o:
  3. Hi there! How have you been recently?
  4. Ah, I gotcha. The Abbey would probably be something I might be interested in seeing one day then. (I'm a fan of history.) And the downs are mostly because of my negative issues that I've been having is all. Recently, had a negative breakdown, and it was pretty bad. Been working on my issues and all that as well. But sometimes its really hard for me. (Hope I made sense.) And thanks too for your wishes! :3
  5. The Abbey is in furness (England). Its pretty cool to look at, which is enhanced by history that accompanies it. All in all a nice day out if that's something you like.

    Anyway how come things are up and down for you? I could probably say the same for myself, but to be honest it seems like everyone I know has some good and bad in their lives. I guess it all depends on if you are feeling strong enough to deal with the hardships in life on a low day. ie being too run down to deal with something. Either way I hope things turn around for you in that respect.
  6. Ah, I see. That's good that life is going well for you! And congrats on completing your first year as well! :3

    As for me, life has been ups and downs for the most part. By the way, what kind of place was this ancient abbey? The name makes me think of an archaeological type of place like the pyramids for example. *just curious*
  7. Hectic tbh, but fun. I've just finished my first year at uni. Still on break (waiting for the second year) and working at my local pub. Currently spending my days off chillin amongst the local scenery. Though I went to some ancient abbey the other day before longboarding some of the coast with some mates. Shame the weathers a bit on the murky side. How about you?
  8. So, how's life been with you? o:
  9. Thanks! You too! :3
  10. You too. Its pretty refreshing seeing someone post stuff so down to earth. Either way I look forward to seeing you about. ;)
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