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  1. Wow, filming? Sounds cool. And I shall wait :)
  2. I got a ton of lucky eggs, but I just left town, working on a movie. But when we finally trade ul be glad to have me as a trading partners.
  3. I have a request of a pokemon, but it's from Heartgold (cause I'm training my new Blaziken... slowly but surely) and a lucky egg would help a lot. Is there anyway you could provide me with a Chansey with a Lucky egg on it?
    Thanks a lot for your FC btw
  4. Sorry I was so late, but if you still need something just let me know. 4684 8503 0468
  5. My Black FC is 3095 9013 6162
    If this is about a Blaziken, Thank you SO MUCH! (I'm incomplete without one seriously </3)

    Whats yours?
  6. Whats your pokemon black code?
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