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  1. Oh we've a crew now? Awesome :)
    I don't know Mat the Alien, any good?
  2. I just went and saw Mat the Alien and some locals. #apDUBSTEPcrew
  3. Hah, Rusko was at a festival I went to this summer, but I missed him there due to unforeseen circumstances! Some friends of mine saw Bassnectar on that festival too, they said it was quite the party.
  4. The Borgore show was by far the best one I've been too. Skrillex was alright, he's pretty shitty at djing live. Rusko is sick, I missed him last time he came through. Hopefully, he'll be back in the new year. The only big shows left are Benga and Skream and then Bassnectar.
  5. Aw, I saw Borgore last year, that was crazy awesome! I love Benga & Skream, there's an event in my country soon where they're headlining and I really want to go, but the tickets are quite expensive. How about you tell me if it was worth it! :p
    But other than those, I like Rusko, Caspa, TC, and more darkish stuff like Kode9. I really don't like Skrillex.
  6. Pretty much everything. I'm more into going to the shows. I've been to Borgore, Bare Noize, Datsik, Nero, Zeds Dead, Calvertron, Chrispy, Adventure Club and Skrillex this year. I'm going to a show tomorrow with Benga and Skream headlining. What about you?
  7. It's the present!
    So which artists are you into?
  8. DUBstep is the future.
  9. So. Dubstep, eh?
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