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  1. I keep forgetting how small inbox space is here. I'll reply when I have the time.
  2. It looks like your private messages are too full for me to ask that way, but feel free to message that way if you clear some out. Was just wondering, that friend in Croatia is finishing high school in the coming months but I thought id ask if you have any tips or connections for either her or her mom to find employment. They've struggled a long time and it'd be great to make a difference in their lives. They're in Vukovar
  3. Yeah, a lot of people, especially young people are moving away, Germany, Ireland, Canada etc. One of the good things about our national TV station is that they never used dubs, only subs. And English is being learned in low elementary school. I myself also had German and Italian in high school and then English and German in college. That's not to say our education system is good :p.

    Insurance sales? I worked for Allianz insurance for a while. Hope the insurance market is better there than it is here. People here aren't generally aware of the importance, not even the ones in good standing. With time I focused on property, boats and retirement funds (our retirement system is not self sustainable, so anyone who doesn't want to drink rain water and eat roots when he retires better take care of it themselves).
  4. I see, sucks about the government issue. I thought it might be something like that. Interesting that croations seem to know so many languages, though. In America we generally are forced to learn a little about one other language (usually Spanish) in high school and that's about it, lol. "We're America, everyone should learn how to speak American good like we! I mean... English well like us."
    I forgot I'd mentioned The Mind Hero in my Abridged topic after Mangapanda died (although I put it in my name stuff long ago when I put up the Kickstarter went up and just kinda left it there lol). Well I've been putting off work on it because of being so busy having to do things that actually make money (since the Kickstarter didn't succeed), but now I'm in insurance sales and don't have to work nearly as many hours. In another week once things stabilize, I think I'll have plenty of free time to work on The Mind Hero on the side.
  5. Well, I'm honored! I think the same of you. This forum wouldn't be the same without your humor. I used to draw a lot when I was younger and I was pretty good, but I started neglecting it over the years. I always plan to start drawing again, I even have a block ready to be filled up by drawings, but never can find the time. I should really do something about it. 4 languages? Nice. I only speak 2 other, and I'm not that fluent in German. Never enough money, isn't that the truth. Unfortunately, our country didn't recover as good as some from the financial crisis. It has something to do with incapable and partly corrupted government. If something drastic isn't done soon, we'll easily become the next Greece. The situation is not as bad for me, but if I didn't have so many connections here, I'd be seriously thinking about moving abroad. All the nationalistic crap the current government feeds upon is something I could easily live without.

    How's The Mind Hero progressing, btw?
  6. Was about time I added one of the smartest commenters on the forum as a friend! (Or would "one of the only smart commenters" be more apt?) I never really send friend requests though.
    I also know someone who lives in Croatia. She's awesome at art and speaks 4 languages. Apparently she has money troubles though, no idea if that's common there.
    If you ever have an Abridged request or something, let me know!
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