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  1. Yeah 'Does Goldenweek have a DF?" has been a recurring question for years now. It still crops up here in these forums now and then. Which makes sense since members come and go. ... and add the fact of just how old the manga is! So there's bounds to be some readers who never saw that SBS that answered the question.
  2. Oh wow, thanks for the reply and actually the trouble to find the right SBS That surprised me a little, I don't know why I thought that was a DF, I think it's because all numbered BW agents had DFs, and her ability is unique in some kind.. She is indeed like Jango and the others.

    Thanks again!
  3. Sorry I didn't get to reply to your question about Ms. Goldenweek's hypnosis in the Spoiler thread as the thread was closed by time I saw it. Not sure if anyone else answered so I wanted to here.

    Otokufan was right in that it was covered in a SBS where Oda states her hypnosis is not a DF ability. It was SBS 23=
    D: No time for introductions, just answer my question. Did Miss Goldenweek eat one of those fruits? [2]

    O: No, she... how should I say this? She's kind of like a hypnotist. Colours can already affect humans subconsciously such as exciting or calming us down. So she's a painter who can further enhance these effects, not a Devil Fruit user.
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