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  1. Awww, not at all :D Thank you papy!!! You awesome <3
  2. Happy birthday trap ^^ (I wish I could do something more elaborate, but I don't have the time u_u)
  3. Thank you so much! You're a lifesaver <3
  4. Hey trap of course I remember. So to go from paris to beauvais by shuttle, you have to go to Paris parking pershing porte maillot : as you can see you can go there by using the metropolitan line 1 station porte maillot. I hope I answered your question ^^;;
  5. Hey papy! Do you remember the last time you told me how to get to Beauvais Airport? I think it was from Gare du Nord. I vaguely remember the gist of it but I've forgotten the details, if you have the time could I please trouble you to tell me again? There was something about a carpark too! Haha.
  6. You've bought one and you play all day long with it ? *__*
  7. swiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
  8. Papy! :D Haha yeah that part was sooooo sweet. Daddy ;_; *tighthug*

    And Claire looked so triumphant :D
  9. Hey trap ! Didn't have the time to tell you last time, but I've watched the last modern family ep. And yeah you can joke about a lot of things with Phil, but you don't mess with his little girl :p.
  10. Because it was a matter of just a few seconds : [19:25:24] <Monkey_D> good night and sweet dream
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