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  1. I often wonder about that myself. The definition I try to rely on is "Okay, I like the idea that this author is trying to do on paper. But the way the way it works in the final story ends up sucking." It is about analyzing how the author realizes their intentions. Just because the author tried doing something on purpose does not mean you can't think they could have done it better. And don't feel that you need to elevate yourself to an imaginary standard. Analyze what you can understand and ask questions if you have them. If you didn't catch something the author was trying to do, it means either one of two things. They were cleverly subtle about it, or they didn't properly convey it at all. Be honest with yourself as a fan and have an open perspective in hearing out someone who might disagree in a conversation. That's all you can do, and stories are supposed immerse us into understanding it, not force us.
  2. Sorry to bother you lol but i want to know what is it for something writing to be "well executed". This is i think my biggest struggle when it comes to understanding good writing. I fall into the trap of seeing and analyzing the author's intentions and message and think "if the author intended this then it must be good", or "here is theme that the author explored" etc. But i can never tell if the author executed on those things in a meaningful way, because you can say that about any story lol.
  3. My main issue with Fishman Island is having so much time dedicated to such fodder villains that are only meant to the diet Arlong Pirates and the fights being boring token "look at this random cool new move I can do from the timeskip with no foreshadowing". Everything else was pretty good. Aside from not seeing the Fishman Karate Dojo and a pirate ship as famous as the Flying Dutchman being wasted on Vander Decken IX. Punk Hazard is mainly fine aside from spending way to little time on the fire side and Smoker looking pathetic. Zou is good, but I can't call it a great arc because it is literally JUST about build-up. There's nothing actually enthralling about the arc itself aside from the flashbacks and Raizou protection reveal. And I still think the Straw Hats found their first Road Poneglyph way too conveniently. Robin's archeological skills should have been tested more. Totland is a mixed bag, but I would say more positive things about it than negative ones.
  4. I actually don't think Marineford was that good in the first place. But that's a discussion for another time.

    Binge reading experiences always have to be taken into account, of course. But that can only mend so much of the experience's flaws,
  5. What do you think of the timeskip as whole of OP? do u really think its dissapointing? i find it hard to believe that oda's writing drop drasictically after delievering the amazing marineford. My theory on this notion is that because people are now reading OP weekly their perspective has changed now that they are consuming the story week to week and have to wait 5 days or more for the next chapter. As a result the story is fragmented. I could be wrong. But FI was fantastic into arc. I didnt expect oda to drop a high tension arc right after the war. Punk hazard was a good setup arc, dressrosa minus the bloatedness i cant help but like when you read the arc as whole and see the whole picture, its flawed of course. Zou was masterful when it comes to exposition and the big twist was great. WCI has been fantastic and depending how oda handles the ending it could ez be top 5 for me.
  6. Nope. It only makes me appreciate the things I really like that much more and learn from/amusingly mock what I find to be flawed. I don't analyze to find reasons to hate, I analyze because a series is able to hook me in somehow and I want to enjoy any possible quality or depth in literal/figurative technique there might be hints of. Especially since I want to be a comic writer and learn as much as I can before I start my own series.

    But there is a fine line between somebody agonizing over the most minor flaws ever and having unrealistic expectations for the author, and somebody who reacts appropriately to different levels of grievances and sets standards for the author based on their established quality and the genre/demographic they're operating in.

    I criticize to know why I love what I love and hate what I hate. Otherwise I feel like I'm taking entertainment for granted and selling myself short on how to spend my free time.
  7. This is something thats been on my mind seeing your more critical post. Does having the critical eye that you do ruin your enjoyment of things? when i see critics, i cant help but think "wow these people cant enjoy anything" because of detailed and meticilous they look at things.
  8. Disappointing, but expected the more and more I think about it. I will go into more detail tomorrow.
  9. Thoughts on the OP spoilers?
  10. Recommend watching this video and this guys channel
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