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  1. Hi there! Long time no see! Have not talked with you in ages!

    So, how has life been treating you recently? And what kinds of things happened since we last chatted? o:
  2. You're welcome! By the way, did you have a good birthday?
  3. Thanks very much, Ekila! :)
  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you having a great day! ^^
  5. lol XD

    Anyways, how has your day been? o:
  6. Haha at this rate we'll need to get you a straw hat!
  7. Thanks xD Though I never thought of it that way before o.o

    There's another dream I have that is similar to a One Piece style one, and that's to travel the world! So, basically, adventure! ^.^

    (Also, I would love to leave a huge impact on the world too XD)
  8. Haha dishes from all over the world?

    Sounds like you have a One Piece style dream of your own, very cool!
  9. Oh, I see. I also made Polish dishes from my childhood like bigos and potato pancakes! Though eventually, I want to make dishes from all over the globe! (I like cooking :3)
  10. Lol you can't beat a good roadtrip!

    I didn't think it was a particuarly cool story about the polish's just the only time I think I've ever come into contact with anything that might be served a polish deli haha
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