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  1. Happy birthday Rob :)
  2. Thanks Buddy! :)
  3. Happy birthday, man. ;)
  4. Haha thanks, Meta.

    I sat for about 40 minutes earlier trying to think of a good new avatar that would go with the green stars before I thought of Randy, total light-bulb moment lol
  5. that randy avatar fits so well <3

    Congrats on the promotion btw!
  6. Thanks, Meta!

    I'll try my best :D
  7. Happy birthday Rob! Continue being awesome. ;)
  8. Oh shucks, Meta, you're just far too nice aren't you?
  9. Allow me to congratulate you again on your modship, as well as that great Walter White avatar.
  10. think, the end of this month will mark five years I've been here., things were way different back then.
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