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  1. Yeah ^^

    Ah, good luck with your career! I don't really work, but I plan on selling paintings and other artwork in the future. I got information for an art gallery, so hopefully I can get into it. I have extreme social anxiety, so this be a good job for me, plus easy to take my work with me too. Also, it is a good coping skill for me. So, yeah. And later on in life, I wanna make video games as well.

    And thank you! I been here on AP for quite some time! But I feel like I have been more myself in recent times compared to the past! Especially, when it comes to posting and all that. So, yeah ^.^
  2. Ah, cookouts are always nice! I live in retail as a cashier. I make enough to afford rent, but I'm looking for something else. Kinda stuck right now, waiting and hoping to find a better career.

    Good luck with the site, and take your time!
  3. Ah, I see. (About your dog experience.) Speaking of which, I need to check in how my previous kitty has been doing. Maybe even visit her! ^.^ (Her name was Ember.)

    Ah, okay. (About Labor Day.) As for me, the place I'm living at is having a cookout, so I got something to look forward too. (I live in a CRR, which is a place to help people with mental illness, and get them ready for independent living, which is the next step. I basically have my own apartment, and there is 24 hour staff here, so yeah. Just to explain xD)

    By the way, what kind of work do you do?

    And thanks for accepting my friend request! I have been trying to post more, and become more with the community here! ^.^
  4. Ha! I can relate. My family found a dog years ago when I was a toddler. We tried to take care of it for awhile, but for various reasons couldn't handle it. We ended up giving it away, but there was a happy ending. We briefly ran into the family that took him, and he seemed to be in great shape. I didn't have the same bond with that dog as I'm sure you had with kitty, so I wasn't as sad as I would be now with this dog, but I wanted to share the experience.

    Also, I'm not doing anything special for Labor Day. I try to do as little as possible when I can control it. I'm currently just resting from a tough work week.
  5. Oh, okay. That's good to hear that it seems like a one-off deal! :3

    I know about the bond with a pet. When I had to give my kitty away, I was crying like a baby. At least she has a good home. I know it is not really the same, but trying to empathize all the same.

    Anyways, how was your day today? Did anything exciting? And have anything planned for Labor Day? o:
  6. Better. At the moment he's completely normal, and frankly that one incident does seem like a one-off thing.
  7. Hi there! How's your dog doing?
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