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  1. We're aware of that, yeah. But it's apparently an actual bug.
  2. So I was wondering where to post the fact there are suddenly 20 something ish new pages in the confessions thread which one cannot access, with a "redirect loop" warning from Chrome ?
  3. Care to him me or Dan up through email/PMs/Skype ?

    We both would like to know how that was done.
  4. I already do, but it's not something that really should be spoken of much.
  5. Yep.

    Still would like to know how the hell the thing with Dan even happened.
  6. Aye, it's good that things are going in the right direction.
  7. Hey Dry.

    I see you already heard from Dan.
  8. Hey Dry could you come to Skype for a bit ?
  9. Exactly. It's the easiest way to do it. Messing with the user group permissions is troublesome.
  10. Main view ?

    You mean it doesn't have it's subforum visible on the main page right ?
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