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  1. I'm afraid so, 50 votes behind #4 so probably need to prepare for next year, at least hope the name will stick. Or hope for a tournament twist.
  2. The damage might already have been done man. :-(
    But soldier on, we will! Kambare! :-)
  3. oh noooo, Bringing it now. I wasn't home last few days terrible timing that he was already up :(
  4. Dude, the match has started. And our favourite photographer is already lagging behind! We need some campaign magic, stat!
  5. I'll try and make something later, do you have any suggestions/ideas ?
  6. I'm sold, man. Given that I'm a photography enthusiast, it wouldn't take a lot to convince me, but your campaigns are fantastic!
    If you have a signature-worthy Attachan gif, I will sport it for as far as he goes in the tourney.
  7. Don't forget to vote for Flaming AttaCHANG in round 6 !

    He needs to make a cum back in the next round.

    He won't be shooting blanks this time

    Vote for salty revenge on the milked campaigns of last year !
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