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  1. I actually was thinking February, lol. If you've got something planned, you can feel free to go ahead and do it instead in February. I don't want to skip in line, haha.
  2. I was thinking about giving a 3 month off since the last social game (that would be yesterday).
    My initial idea was mid december but BB got a bit delayed, and I didn't want to jumble the games too close so people wouldn't lose interest.

    Anyway, the plan was to start in February, but I'm not sure that's even a good date for the rest.

    When would you want to host yours? I guess I can change mine due to the odd date and postpone it till end of 2018 if Kitsune still wants to host Survivor 9 during the summer.
  3. Is it true that you're planning on hosting a game soon? I was thinking of doing one, but if you've already claimed the spot, I'll hold off.
  4. Thanks SpaceCowboy!
  5. Congratz on the Red Star!

    I wanted to write something wittier, but I canīt remember anything. Iīm so red-faced! *Ba-dum-tss*
  6. Thanks for the Reply. Makes sense.
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