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  1. Yeah that would be cool. Would only manage to go on the weekend though.

    PM me the week when you're coming so I won't have any other stuff during that time.
  2. So I was planning for us to meet, I need a guide :v AHAHAHA.
  3. Yeah, in December, I might go to Lisbon (but I want to go to Coimbra and Leomil).
  4. HEEEEY. Where to? Stillin 2017?
  5. Hey, SpaceCowboy, I'm going to Portugal this year.
  6. Hey there, is always a great moment when I see you in this forums. If I still had a motivation to actually post, it would be 100% great.

    Is those small things that keeps me here.
  7. NP, at least you answered my message. Yeah, so far, the carnaval is great, specially the small festivals that happens in the streets.

    And yes, I am glad you noticed the change in my name. About memes, so far I am loving the shooting star meme.
  8. Hey Cap! Sorry for taking so (way) to long to reply. Iīve been busy with work and the Survivor game and I honestly havenīt been much around.
    Happy New year as well (And Carnaval I guess =) ). You changed your name?
  9. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!

    And have more of Brazilian memes in 2017 !!
  10. So, what do you like in Brazilian music ? Just Bossa Nova ?
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