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  1. Hi, how are you, bro?

    I have a question, what does " the jungle was there for the taking" mean?
  2. I'm afraid to say that I haven't watched/heard about it...
  3. hi, what's up?

    do you watch manhua feng shen ji?
  4. It's a correct translation. Blackbeard pirates completely defeated Whitebeard pirates.
  5. Hi senpai, i want to ask about something , mangastream mentioned that " marco and his allies suffered an overwhelming defeat."

    Is this translation is correct or not?
  6. I see. thanks , that's kind of you.
  7. Basically Raizou is saying that he will make every effort to repay them. By the way, your new avatar is cool...
  8. Hi senpai , " i shall work tirelessly " in manga stream wrong or right?

    If was wrong , what is the correct translation?
  9. It's a nickname like Shiliew "the rain" or Zoro "the pirate hunter".
  10. " the mist" , Is it a nickname raizuo or what?
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