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  1. Nah ,I'm pretty sure there will forever be a monster trio ,Jinbe is just another beast to add to the trio making it a Quartet of Monsters he'd be bellow Sanji in strength and maybe equal to Franky.
  2. Now I have no doubts, even if hakiless JInbe FOR NOW for sure is on their level. But with the time and better haki matering there will be a bigger garp and no one would cry (yeah me as well) that Jinbe would disturb anything.

    But as you see... people like Jabra think that ther eis no monter trio after all and haki means shit
  3. So since it's confirmed Sanji has Haki I'm pretty sure he and Zoro can take Jinbe down. what about you?
  4. Oi Blowfish... I talkes with CCC... The name is correct and could be really that way
  5. Thats true. I would like to see more of him in the Story ,the Samurai from Wano in General interest me ,I hope Oda just doesn't one and done him with this I need to find my Son story. Hope theres more to it.

    Plus if we're never gonna get A logia in the crew like some think ,we should at least get another Zoan ,mythical Zoan >.>
  6. But the trasnlation makes sense if you do research.. Well we will see.

    Of course I would like him to join but it is far to early and i can't see him joining so far. He still has some kiddo around
  7. LOL NO IDEA! It's like they just gave up on that part xD

    Pretty funny ,he's exactly the kind of character i'd think people would want to join. being all weird and strong and fresh to the series.
  8. Nope I just like him... But how can you mistranslate this with Will-O?
  9. Hey man ,do you think the Samurai is Nakama material? By the way it seems his name was mistranslated. CC actually said "strangely dressed foreigner"
  10. Yeah I think it so far as well, cuz I don't think his son is a matured teen or something... But cnet translation of 655 (one of the best) talked about mroe than one samurai... So I'm a bit confused
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