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  1. No Topic , just wanted to ask you personally lol maybe I should of PM'ed , let read it all and I'll reply fully in a sec.
  2. I think that answers your question I kinda got caught up. What topic are you discussing this in.
  3. He can make waves and throw awesome spears of water and that will certainly someday show us more about his full potential, but he has yet to kick gigantic chunks of buildings around like they were Soccer Balls, or go head on with an attack as devastating as the Oars/Luffy Bazooka. So far Sanji has to be really up close and personal to cause major damage, but I never saw that as a shortcoming that wouldn't allow him to keep up with Zoro or Luffy. As a matter of fact just the opposite, he has no weapons in the form of forged items or a fruit, and that says a heck of a lot. He doesn't have an attack that reaches 100 gum gums or a flying slash, he has to actively break dance in the middle of a crowd to get the same results or kick entire buildings for is projectile move. Still the he gets the same result and I think that's the bottom line. I don't see it as if he can't, it's just he has to go about it differently.
  4. Is there a topic you are discussing this in? I'd gladly reply there. But here goes anyway.

    While I don't doubt Jinbe is capable of a lot because he can manipulate water, so far even with his long range ocean moves he has demonstrated the least power of all the 7 War Lords and and far as wide spread destruction Sanji has demonstrated more.

    From the beginning Jinbe has downplayed his own abilities out side of water and made it clear even he wasn't enough to keep mermaids from being kidnapped at Fishman Island. Compared to ever War Lord not named Buggy he hasn't demonstrated that one move that is more or less a 1HKO to opponents. Croc drying things out, Boa turning people to stone at a glance or a touch, knowing Mihawk could best Shanks, Kuma repelling everything etc. Jinbe is joining and he is just a bit under whelming compared to the rest and I think Oda deliberately portrayed him that way so once he does join the crew he won't seem so much better than the other Straw Hats.
  5. Yo Romance , been meaning to ask you for days now but whats the difference between your view on Jinbe's lack of destructive power compared to others and mine about Sanj?
  6. 16 characters of Thanks alot bro xD
  7. By all means, go on ahead!
  8. Yo Ro,you wouldn't mind if I quote you in my sig about why people hate Jinbe do you? O_o
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