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  1. Not sure, yeah he is in the colorspread but if we are getting a Dressrosa arc, then eventually deal with Kaidou and with Zou and Wanokuni also going to be focused on he might take a while(some years) to join, I'm still expecting it to happen in the Big Mom arc but rigth now its pretty damn confusing to predict, Luffy says he wants to kick Big Mom ass, ends up in Punk Hazard, gets in an alliance with Law and meets a samurai and now he wants to visit other islands and kick Kaidou ass along with Law, so at the end of the day I really can't think of an apropriate time rigth now since I don't know what Oda is going to throw at us after Dressrosa.

    Heck I doubt it but Kid alliance could take down Big Mom and Luffy/Law Kaidou and Jinbe would be relieved of his duty(which I doubt).

    Like I said above its a big mess of locations and goals rigth now so I'm waiting to see what comes out of this.
  2. Thanks for the advice, and I look forward to bragging and sharing our Canabis haki when Jinbe joins the crew!!!

    Any theories on when Jinbe will enter the fray? I doubt Oda put him in that color spread and gave us an update on his knowledge of the situation for nothing.
  3. Hum I was in the Jinbe boat from the start back when brennen started speculating and by now I absolutelly don't give a shit about this people. I already told them, even if something happens to Jinbe, they were wrong, he was invited to join, so our point that Luffy wanted him to join was proven, I was pissed at Oda for ruining the whole moment in FI by not letting Jinbe joining but if he somehow doesn't make him join in the future(which I doubt) I'm going to be pretty fucking pissed but still idiots like that Superbear guy(who is more of a douchebag) were wrong. You shouldn't ever entertaint he idea of giving them attention imo, specially retarded posts that migth be trolling like that one. Anyway not trying to tell you how to act, just saying you probably have a better day ignoring that crap.
  4. Jinbe's my Boy, i can't let people sully his rep lol

    But I only really answer the haters when they try to use proper bullshit reasoning for Jinbe's death.
  5. You still answer the anti Jinbe people?

    I pretty much ignore them, I don't even care to troll them anymore.
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