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  1. Yeah, I've been here for more than 10 years(lurking before I made the account in 2008) so I wouldn't leave the site, I still have plenty of interesting stuff to read here, but a lot of the older users have left or become mostly inactive it seems and I doubt its just "life happened" for all of them.
  2. But as I said I still love this community for the fun it delivers in many threads like the dumb predictions or theories, or the nakama thread.
  3. What's sad is that I know they truly like One Piece. It's very clear when we get the post arc chapters where we get to see so many characters and new faces. But as soon as we get one slow paced chapter like the seducing wood or the likes, they start thinking too much. When I came into the thread I was expecting tons of posts about how awesome Pedro is. But no, the thread has to be about Pell. Poor Pedro.
  4. Hey, I saw your post on the chapter thread, I don't want to answer there because I don't want to get into arguments, but that's how I felt in Dressrosa, I stopped reading most chapter threads. I went back to read them weekly in Zou, but there were still weekly complaints and in this arc it's even worse, seems Oda can do anything and people will complain, Oda does what they ask for in previous arcs and they still complain, there is a trend that post Timeskip a few users just hate everything...I'm probably going back to what I did before and stop reading the threads also.
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