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  1. I'm not against it. If I don't see it immediately in theaters I'll likely catch it via a video rental or such sometime before the Justice League movie arrives.
  2. You interested in Man of Steel?
  3. Oh no no, I adore the Nolan trilogy. I meant those were like the only DC series of films I've seen, otherwise it's been mostly Marvel movies.
  4. What didn't you like about the Nolan trilogy? What's your beef with them as films? Are you a Batman fan?
  5. I did really enjoy most of them. Save for the Nolan Batman trilogy I've mostly only seen the Marvel movies continuity that lead up to and including The Avengers.
  6. Do you like them? Are interested in them?
  7. I've seen quite a few yeah.
  8. Do you check out superhero flicks from time to time?
  9. It's mostly just the lock-out I think. I grew up watching various animated shows of DC and Marvel series so I'm familiar with them and certainly have nothing against them. It's just I never got into buying any comics really (though I've bought tons of manga but that's something that I always had more of an affinity towards) and I've never been particularly enticed to pick any up just due to missing literal decades of story and such.

    I do own Watchmen and Batman: A Killing Joke though but again Alan Moore is the only figure in the field I have any interest in.
  10. May I ask why that be the case? Is there something about the aesthetic of western comics that put you off?
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