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  1. Please reply to my PM when you have time.
  2. Or is it that we get scanlations on Wednesdays and Then we get the official English Viz release on the Monday which comes after it?
  3. I know things about the starting and the ending points but I'm missing crucial info points from in between the process of scanlating. Hope you'll tell that :D
  4. The thread you made was real good and informative. I'm currently in the process of learning how these things about scanlators work out. Please give some info about that. Um, so the weeksly shonen jmp mag comes out on monday in Japan, ok. That's when we get the spoilers normally. Sometimes a little early if there is a holiday. Anywasy, the question is, if Viz releases chapter simultaneouly with Japan(on monday).. then there shouldn't be any problem with the spoilers. right? Since the official release by Viz is on monday and we get the spoilers After that. And then the scanlations on wednesdays.
    I think I am missing something but PLEASE give some information.
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