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  1. Hello !
    Did you saw that video with Maduro eating in Istanbul ? If yes, what did you though?

    As for my country... Election day is almost around the corner... And if you dare say you're going to vote or support Bolsonaro, you might get killed.

    At leasy Lula is in prison, for now.. He is not participating in the election (to UN's dismays), but, he put one of his allies to represent him in the election, like he did with Dilma.
  2. Well, that is a shame but I get it, I'm glad you are ok. Feel free to drop a post whenever you come this way.
  3. Ah, that was so kind of your part, thinking about me.
    Yeah, I'm not posting here anymore, kinda got bored of this place, but I do check the forums from time to time.

    Thanks ;)
  4. I dunno why I thought about you, I didn't remember any recent post of yours and I'm glad that it hasn't been so long since your last connection, at least.

    Just wanted to say hi.
  5. Ok.

    Don't worry, I'm not jumping on any political bandwagon, as I said in the news thread, I am against any form of extremism.
    As for the patriot part, it's the name of his party, I just made a play of words.
    But yeah.. Beyond left or right what is important is the fight against corruption.
  6. Putting hopes on a right wing extremist, and celebrating something because is "patriotic" is worry some . I get what it is to be totally disappointed and disheartened by politicians, but remember that extremes don't cancel each other in social sciences.
  7. Oh.. What worried you in the news thread?
    Maybe we can solve it.
  8. Sorry, I've been out. Another Brazilian dude was suddenly attacking me about how Lula and Dilma were framed.

    What I understand of the situation is that is an "al capone" kind of deal ,that their opponents managed to catch them out of "minor" crimes because they couldn't get them for the big ones. But the perspective shift from "there are no big crimes, and their accusers are more guilty than them" to "in a first world country these crimes are enough to pay for"

    Are there currently protests?
    As a Venezuelan I can't feel personal empathy for these Chavez allies, as all the good that they might have done to Brazil will always be tainted with the way that they enabled Chavez and his megalomania.
  9. Hey Max, do you keep with the brazilian news ? If yes, what is your take in the current political scenario ? I want a outsider perspective.

    Always nice to chat with you.
  10. Oh, sorry, I was being culturally oppressive, feliz cumpleaņos.

    And NP ;)
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