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  1. Hey Cross. Robby said I should talk to the other mods about Falcon so I'm doing just that.

    Basically I didn't see her do anything ban worthy, and she has responded to me saying she had no ill intentions and that her actions have probably been misunderstood. She doesn't even know why she got banned in the first place.
  2. He's elected mayor of Metro City on the basis of his superb piledriver technique of course!

    It's Mike Haggar from the Final Fight video game series if you're curious.
  3. Thanks man.

    By the way, what happens with your avatar's character next I always wondered about that.
  4. And all done .
  5. At THIS moment second to last message of the second most recent page of my VMs.

    Of course if you decide to post twice beforehand for some reason, this will in no way remain accurate.
  6. When did you post it? I should be able to get rid of it.
  7. Cross, any idea who can delete unwanted VM's ? I kinda accidentaly posted on my own wall, something I've always tried avoiding, and can't seem to get the darn thing to get deleted, though I can delete other people's messages.
  8. Oh Cross, could you maybe, possibly change the "don't" in my last post in the FT thread to "down" ? I would myself but you closed it before I noticed.

    I don't want my last post in there to be a failed joke.
  9. Wow, you're a full on mod now ?

    When did that happen ?
  10. Thanks for the sentiment, but this involves my real-world job of handling reference collections records, so it's physically impossible to get help from someone over the Internet. It's really tedious stuff anyway, so you wouldn't enjoy it anyway.
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