• More Experiments: Instant Notification

      A while back ago I recall a few members were interested in being notified when there is new activity in a given section or thread, I forget which they really wanted, but I imagine it had something to do with spoilers. So, let's talk about subscriptions...


      Many of you might be aware of certain features popular to other websites, such as thread or forum subscriptions, but for those who don't there is an option within each forum and thread that allows you to subscribe to that respective forum or thread to be notified of certain activity. The default options for subscribing are as follows (image hidden at bottom):

      Forum: User Control Panel Notification (instant), E-Mail Notification (Daily), E-Mail Notification (Weekly)
      Thread: The same as the forum options, with the addition of 'E-Mail Notification (Instant)'.

      So those are the default options... however, due to the high volume of F5 spammers in the spoiler section, I added the instant email notification option to the forum category, so you can now subscribe to a specific forum-- for example the spoiler section-- to alert you by email the instant a new thread has been created.

      This is experimental. If there are any problems we will remove this feature.

      Comments 3 Comments
      1. Gizmo's Avatar
        I didn't get a note for spoilers...
      1. brennen.exe's Avatar
        I did. It's possible it went to your spam folder or something.
      1. Aohige_AP's Avatar
        You see, the new addon actually just notifies brennen when there's a new spoiler thread!
        No seriously though, nice job.

        For some reason, I don't think I'll benefit much from this addon lol
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