• Stop SOPA

      Today is internet-black out day, in protest of the SOPA bill.


      If you're outside of the US, you can still contact the state department.

      Without fear mongering, basically at this point it is a bill that could could be used to enforce massive internet censorship and copyright shenanigans. While it might not be abused that way, its better to stop it now than let it become law as it is.

      Just go here and spend the 30 seconds it takes to fill out your information and click a button. It can do a lot of good.
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      1. The American Average's Avatar
        Yeah NO SOPA
        (sixteen characters)
      1. ponx's Avatar
        So we can still sign a petition even though we're not US citizens?Anyway I think it would be better if u give a brief explanation of why this bill is deemed "dangerous", and how it might affect the wider, non-American, internet audience (since u know, most of us are too lazy to even Google it )Anyway, I think this video sums what the SOPA does pretty well. http://vimeo.com/31100268
      1. Jarhead's Avatar
        The worst part is, if the bill passes in the US there will be similaiar bills in the rest of the world. So don't think that the bill won't have anything to do with your interneting.

        Be dirty, stop sopa!
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